Walking Moustache


Walking Moustache

Walking Moustache is my most recent web design client. The site was mocked up by my very talented and good friend Pierce O’Brien. The design was built to emphasise the amazing visual variety and beauty of their very incredible video production work. All we needed to do was make a beautiful, clean design around it (and keep it that way across multiple screen resolutions!) The images get a little bigger inside the frame as you roll them over – initially I wanted animated transitions but it made the site feel clunkier. I hope to try again in a future update.


The mobile view also collapses the above grid into 1 column at portrait and 2 columns at landscape – it is also 2 columns in portrait for tablets, and at landscape, the tablet view is the same as the desktop view.

Since Walking Moustache are a team, we needed a way to categorise items not only by the individual videos themselves, but also the particular credit they were – and if they didn’t work on the video, their name should not appear there at all right? To that end, custom fields were implemented.


When displaying the videos, I asked myself, “Why watch this here and not on Youtube?” This led to a focus on beautifully displaying the video, taking up as much of the screen as possible, with a short little description, and no distracting “watch next” buttons, or comments (!)


I put so much work into this little site that I ended up forking the theme and using it on my own site! You know what they say: “Do it once, do it right”. I’m actually proud enough of this theme to consider putting it up on Theme Forest. Worth my time? There is a lot of competition.