Managing Contracts


Managing Contracts

Managing Contracts is a “satellite website” built to explain and sell the contract management module of their flagship Nimblex software.

This was a very important project for me as it was where I learned about the concept of ‘child themes’ which has sped up a lot of my web work with the forking of WordPress themes. Too often these days people want a similar website layout to their competitors yet designers and developers just charge them as if they were building from scratch, every time. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes starting from scratch is a breath of fresh air when your project is an absolute basket case (as is often the case when working with older sites).


Sometimes I feel like it’s a challenge with clients who want to get everything, out on the table, right then and there. These things may make sense from a marketing perspective, but for a designer, it can be a nightmare.

Managing Contracts was a project started from scratch, but to save on resources in order to achieve the online presence we felt we needed to take our product where we needed to, we designed it to be reproducable and reusable, the idea being you would only need to change the colours to let the user know that they were on a different site yet exploring the same product family. The theme would also be used on the support site.


I love designing these sort of big, information-heavy pages. Such pages require subtlety with your illustrations, you want to complement but never distract from the information being presented.



Images + Marketing Copy… who said a website shouldn’t be a “glorified brochure”? Sometimes, even with an absolutely cutting-edge product, simply using copy to explain the benefits of going with you is the best approach.

Managing Contracts has gotten a lot of conversions from its time online, so I would definitely deem the project a success.