eBMS are a business management software company, located in Melbourne, Australia. Their flagship product, Nimblex, specialises in business process automation. It’s star module, the Contract Management System, is used by businesses the world over. They have grown in leaps and bounds during and since my time there.

Wow! My first real web project, I was hired in late 2011 as an in-house designer to bring ebms.com.au up to scratch. Way back then, I was learning the ropes and this was my first ‘serious’ WordPress site. I’ve been an addict ever since!


This site was my first time with such then-advanced concepts as sliders, CSS tables, and content management systems. I grew up with this thing! I did the illustrations too.


CSS table with hover effects, coated in that safe, business-y blue.

While I didn’t design the template, I sure modified the living daylights out of it, chopping, changing, redesigning every facet. We relied almost exclusively on the website for sales leads so it was nice to feel important!