Welcome to Scarnon!


Welcome to Scarnon!

Hello and welcome to Scarnon.net, the home of the very best Sam Batty digital creations.

I am an animator and web designer from Melbourne, Australia and my very favourite creations are posted up to this site. I hope this will be the start of an amazing space; I’m hoping this repository becomes motivational for me to keep plugging away at my craft rather than spending hundreds of hours playing X-COM or Metal Gear Solid.

I like to make people laugh, I love to excite, and I love to put a smile on user’s, viewer’s, client’s, and yo’ daddy’s face.

Something Hectic
My animation showreel. Watch it if you want to see what I’m about, but I fear for you, it will produce more questions than answers.

Something Cool
No More Golden Parachutes is my 2009 satire of the Global Financial Crisis. Watch it if you want to see some cool animation.