2016 Animation Showreel


2016 Animation Showreel


My 2016 Animation Showreel was completed using skills learned at the Jumbla Academy, which is essentially an animation studio in South Melbourne opening their doors for us wannabes to learn the latest going-ons in animation and also to get a feel for what the studio experience is like.

Here’s a still from a mock energy drink commercial I made. Main software used was after effects and illustrator. Finally, these programs make sense to me, and the rapid workflow that’s involved in getting these kinds of images moving the ways to me has made this a viable tool to do work quickly and to a really awesome standard.

Imagine this as the title card for a really exciting kid’s fantasy epic teleseries. EXCALIBUR!!!!

Here’s the result of me going crazy with learning 3D Stuff. This was a load of fun, I feel my skills in 3D went through the roof. I think Cinema 4D is a pretty intuitive and powerful program that I’m sure I’ll be doing a lot more work in. This is for a mock tourism commercial.

And here’s a title sequence for a Sci-Fi called NEOMANCER! I interpreted that as meaning some sort of techno-wizard so I designed a ‘magic computer’ around the letters of the word. What a sweet excuse to figure out some advanced After Effects plugins as well, such as SABER!

What a sweet showreel, I had a great time and learned so much!