2016 Animation Showreel

2016 Animation Showreel


My 2016 Animation Showreel was completed using skills learned at the Jumbla Academy, which is essentially an animation studio in South Melbourne opening their doors for us wannabes to learn the latest going-ons in animation and also to get a feel for what the studio experience is like.

Here’s a still from a mock energy drink commercial I made. Main software used was after effects and illustrator. Finally, these programs make sense to me, and the rapid workflow that’s involved in getting these kinds of images moving the ways to me has made this a viable tool to do work quickly and to a really awesome standard.

Imagine this as the title card for a really exciting kid’s fantasy epic teleseries. EXCALIBUR!!!!

Here’s the result of me going crazy with learning 3D Stuff. This was a load of fun, I feel my skills in 3D went through the roof. I think Cinema 4D is a pretty intuitive and powerful program that I’m sure I’ll be doing a lot more work in. This is for a mock tourism commercial.

And here’s a title sequence for a Sci-Fi called NEOMANCER! I interpreted that as meaning some sort of techno-wizard so I designed a ‘magic computer’ around the letters of the word. What a sweet excuse to figure out some advanced After Effects plugins as well, such as SABER!

What a sweet showreel, I had a great time and learned so much!

Walking Moustache

Walking Moustache

Walking Moustache is my most recent web design client. The site was mocked up by my very talented and good friend Pierce O’Brien. The design was built to emphasise the amazing visual variety and beauty of their very incredible video production work. All we needed to do was make a beautiful, clean design around it (and keep it that way across multiple screen resolutions!) The images get a little bigger inside the frame as you roll them over – initially I wanted animated transitions but it made the site feel clunkier. I hope to try again in a future update.


The mobile view also collapses the above grid into 1 column at portrait and 2 columns at landscape – it is also 2 columns in portrait for tablets, and at landscape, the tablet view is the same as the desktop view.

Since Walking Moustache are a team, we needed a way to categorise items not only by the individual videos themselves, but also the particular credit they were – and if they didn’t work on the video, their name should not appear there at all right? To that end, custom fields were implemented. (more…)

Welcome to Scarnon!

Welcome to Scarnon!

Hello and welcome to Scarnon.net, the home of the very best Sam Batty digital creations.

I am an animator and web designer from Melbourne, Australia and my very favourite creations are posted up to this site. I hope this will be the start of an amazing space; I’m hoping this repository becomes motivational for me to keep plugging away at my craft rather than spending hundreds of hours playing X-COM or Metal Gear Solid.

I like to make people laugh, I love to excite, and I love to put a smile on user’s, viewer’s, client’s, and yo’ daddy’s face.

Something Hectic
My animation showreel. Watch it if you want to see what I’m about, but I fear for you, it will produce more questions than answers.

Something Cool
No More Golden Parachutes is my 2009 satire of the Global Financial Crisis. Watch it if you want to see some cool animation.

Managing Contracts

Managing Contracts

Managing Contracts is a “satellite website” built to explain and sell the contract management module of their flagship Nimblex software.

This was a very important project for me as it was where I learned about the concept of ‘child themes’ which has sped up a lot of my web work with the forking of WordPress themes. Too often these days people want a similar website layout to their competitors yet designers and developers just charge them as if they were building from scratch, every time. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes starting from scratch is a breath of fresh air when your project is an absolute basket case (as is often the case when working with older sites).


Sometimes I feel like it’s a challenge with clients who want to get everything, out on the table, right then and there. These things may make sense from a marketing perspective, but for a designer, it can be a nightmare.




eBMS are a business management software company, located in Melbourne, Australia. Their flagship product, Nimblex, specialises in business process automation. It’s star module, the Contract Management System, is used by businesses the world over. They have grown in leaps and bounds during and since my time there.

Wow! My first real web project, I was hired in late 2011 as an in-house designer to bring ebms.com.au up to scratch. Way back then, I was learning the ropes and this was my first ‘serious’ WordPress site. I’ve been an addict ever since!


This site was my first time with such then-advanced concepts as sliders, CSS tables, and content management systems. I grew up with this thing! I did the illustrations too.


CSS table with hover effects, coated in that safe, business-y blue.

While I didn’t design the template, I sure modified the living daylights out of it, chopping, changing, redesigning every facet. We relied almost exclusively on the website for sales leads so it was nice to feel important!